17 October 2007

Semper Reformanda?

Bryan Cross has a good post at his blog

His step #5 is my favorite. I'm not accusing anyone...but if the shoe fits...
It sure used to fit me.

I recommend his blog for your perusal.
BTW look "perusal" up in the dictionary...Yep, I often misuse that word too.


Maestroh said...


You left a comment on my blog, and I am in error. John Walvoord was NOT an Anglican, he was, in fact, a Presbyterian.

I was told the prior by two current DTS professors.Obviously, they were incorrect. Nevertheless, the responsibility is mine for I'm the one who said it.

I hope this helps.

CMWoodall said...


As you may see from me blog, I am Anglican. My Google-Alert directed me to your comment about Walvoord. I hope you didn't take me to be correcting you.
After all, since W.H. Griffith Thomas was Anglican, it is only natural that the story would get a little mixed.
The profs told stories like that when I was a student at DTS. One I remember well was about Chafer, also a Presbyterian, teaching the men on infant baptism. They say he nearly convinced them all against it in favor of credo-baptism.

Thanks for visiting.