13 August 2008


A few nights ago we saw the Grand Prairie AirHogs baseball club in action.

When we got home my son had this to say about the overcast sky and bright moon.

"Dad, the moon is all blurry. It soaked up all the day-clouds, that's why it's all blurry."

I love the things that come to his mind!

12 August 2008

Meetings--how we all feel about them!

My wife began attending meetings recently to prepare for the school year. That last one took her away from home nearly all day. My son had a sit-down with Ronda about these meetings.

"Mom, why you have so many meetings*? Tell them you don't want to have so many meetings. At my four-year-old-school** we had 'meetings'...we did. We had 'meetings' about the Lego-toys."

Nobody likes a meeting where you get told how to act!

*as if two is a lot...well, they are meetings!
**big boy word for day-care...Ah, so many years ago!