21 April 2008


"Whoa-ho-ho there partner"~Woody from Toy Story

comments please, I have my own but I'm reserving it for a while
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17 April 2008

Facing East

Some claim that we face east because Jerusalem is in the east. What a western perspective! Recently a participant in Sunday School mentioned this view to be the way it was taught to them. Well, what do Churches to the east of Jerusalem do? Do they face [or better, are they constructed] the west since Jerusalem is to their west?
Fr. Hunwicke turns on the light.

15 April 2008

If ever in northern Wales

yea, right! next time I'm on holiday I'll be sure to nip over here.

Blog Roll

For a while I'm going to be really busy completing a course assignment. Meanwhile I'll link to stories from some interesting blogs that I frequent. Hope you enjoy.