29 November 2007

Rash thoughts on TAC and Rome and Pain

Blogdom is filled with 2 cents speculation about the TAC schmoozing with the Vatican.
So here goes my two cents.
Not a few Anglican chat-groups/forums/e-mail lists point out that the reality that exists in the future for those absorbed into the Roman communion is probably less than the romantic notions that fuel the move. The "You guys are going to regret this / you're only going to get hurt / they won't accept your orders" rhetoric is all selfish in my opinion. Do we really expect unity to be pain free? Let's ask our Lord about the pain-free unity for which He prayed.
A minister who is afraid of pain might well be a man who entered his vocation to appease the opposite emotion.
Unity will be painful. Now whether this alignment is the beginning of Unity I'm not so sure--only time will tell. Remember, pain is not the worst thing you can threaten a Christian with.
[where is a Lewis or Tolkien quote when I need one?]

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