21 April 2008


"Whoa-ho-ho there partner"~Woody from Toy Story

comments please, I have my own but I'm reserving it for a while
[original link was deleted]


Richard Naff said...

Oh, wow! I go away for 5 days and when I come back, you've gone and made us all Roman. I just can't leave you alone!

I note the story you linked to is now deleted. I Googled the link URL and pulled up the cache (that's right—post something on your blog and Google caches it for all eternity, or until the Second Coming at least).

My first impression is this: Hearsay. My friend told me that his friend heard that it's been suggested there's some alleged news that Bishop so-n-so might be considering...

Now, had Dr. Tighe said "Phineas Herbert Bartlesby told me that Dr. Williams directly told him...," well, this might be news. At least we could go to Phineas for confirmation or have Phineas say he's been misquoted. But we get nothing about the source of this.

This story involves a complex discussion between Rome, Canterbury, Nigeria and Rochester. That 4-way discussion doesn't include Dr. Tigue, unless we want to assume he's been in direct negotiations with the ABC and the Pope. There's no accountability here, no names of the sources, no titles, no offices. Not a hint as to where Dr. Tighe got his information. We get the term "alleged news" in place of verifiable sources.

We also get the word "relationship" in quotes. Well gee, how many billions of things could that mean? We have a relationship with Rome now. It isn't particularly great, but we have one.

Finally, we read "it has been suggested..." Yeah? By whom? By the Nosey Parker at the fishmonger's who was listening in on some prattle between the shop clerk and Dr. William's femme de chambre, there to buy a few red herring for his breakfast? Did the suggestee actually bother to confirm with the suggestor, "I say, old bean, are you suggesting...?"

I'm guessing this started as a very, VERY private, condensed and speculative summary over drinks or something, and the telling was in turn a retelling of the retelling.

It's not the first time Canterbury and Rome have been alleged to be uniting. Last time was March of last year, right after the Dar es Salaam Primates' meeting. Rome was very quick to say, "Yeah. As if."

I'd say don't give the story a 2nd thought. Somewhere in what must seem like a ton of news we'll probably find a few grains of truth, possibly even an ounce, but hardly 2000 pounds.

CMWoodall said...

That's funny, man!
You are quite right about the private nature of the quip. I have it on other solid grounds that the essence of the comment is correct.
I'm thinking the Papal visit brought it to someone's remembrance. Then they shot the email about it.