01 June 2009

Too much T.V., or what?!

On the way back from Houston on Saturday, my 5 year old piped up from a long silence with this question:
"Mommy, do we have credit debt?"
"Do What?" we both said!
"Credit debt...call now for $10,000 $20,000 or $30,000..."
"Where did you hear that?" we quizzed.

Well, it had been a frantic extended weekend. After a full day of work on Thursday we attended a funeral and internment late that afternoon. Then we drove from North Dallas to my in-laws at Fairfield [intending to make the full distance to Freeport...we just could not stay awake]. Friday we finished the trek through Houston [don't ask about my 40 min. detour!] and spent four hours at the beach and a few more in the hotel pool. I vaguely remember eating too. Up early Saturday morning, we had a full day of commencement, banquet, and trip back to Dallas. We were all pretty exhausted.

Needless to say, I don't recommend the itinerary above--but, hey, it's summer. Neither do I recommend letting your little ones fall asleep with the television on. Garbage in...garbage out.

I love posting about his funny remarks!

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