19 November 2009

Theological Defense of Plagiarism

In his former treatise Dr. Griffiths dropped a bombshell on me near the end of the essay. Did I just understand that he advocates plagiarism? Since reading that volume I have shared those notions with many of my colleagues--professional, clergy, and laity. Not one of them escaped the tendency to drop their jaw to the ground! For how could a Priest suggest such anti-nomianism?

Thankfully, Dr. Griffiths has published the refined and expanded version of his thinking on this. If you are not a fan of Aristotle, Augustine of Hippo, or John Henry Newman then this is probably not the book for you. You will find their fingerprints within, for sure.

Now I have just realized that I missed reading another one of Dr. Griffiths' books. Oh, the stuff of reading.

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