01 December 2010

Proverbs and Virtue

I have been teaching this fall through Solomon's book of Proverbs. At first I thought I would openly present the material from the Cardinal Virtues and Capital Sins and draw support from the chapter-by-chapter material. My thinking was that there should be some material somewhere that will help categorize the material of Proverbs according to the virtue and vice tradition. For each virtue or vice I had hoped to provide a list of verses from Proverbs to support the notion.

Well, so far I have been on my own in this regard. As soon as I realized this, which thankfully was before the sessions began, I decided simply to work our way through Proverbs chapter-by-chapter and insert the analogies from the Cardinal Virtues and Capital Sins when naturally applicable. Some other information is also very deferential to the Proverbs. The ways we participate in other peoples' sins...The ways to show mercy toward all people...etc. When you click through those two links be sure to read up on all the other material on that page. Thank you, fisheaters.com

Now if only I could find a book or website that has sorted the stanzas of Proverbs according to the Virtue and Vice grid. If anyone knows good resources for this I will gladly receive them and warmly thank you.

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