23 July 2007

That day may never come

I was thinking about my failed efforts to Blog my thoughts. You know, I just get overwhelmed with today's blogging culture. Everyone is so fast to link to this or that news story, comment on it, and move to the next bling news story. I simply don't have time to reflect on things that fast. I also think that pace too fast.

I have a running autobiography with the working title, "That day may never come." So far I've cast my life story in two modes of thought. The first is my juvenile attitude that one day I'd be a great man, revered by many, with loads of success. The second mode is my present one in which I simply hope my family will ascribe that description upon my life. Thus the title, which may apply to my 'success' on this blog as well.

Oh, I've got stuff to post on. I've written some things that I could post. I don't think I will just yet. I don't yet know if they are worthy of wide distribution. Just in case I get in the mood to post them, these are some of the things I've written, just email me if you want to read them. I don't know how good they are...

Discipleship according to Ignatius of Antioch
. Senior research paper in lieu of thesis at Dallas Theological Seminary, 2002.

H-Net book review of Robert E. Brown. Jonathan Edwards and the Bible. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2002. Xxi + 320pp. Notes, bibliography, and index. $35.00 (cloth), 0-253-34093-4. Great book, poor review.

Bibliotheca Sacra article review of “Rapture Fictions and the Changing Evangelical Condition,” Crawford Gribben, Literature & Theology, 18:1 (March 2004): 77-94.

Why Anglicanism? A letter I wrote to family and friends after I left the PCA to join a small Anglican denomination called the Reformed Episcopal Church. Written in 2005.

Bibliotheca Sacra article review of “Spiritual but Not Religious: The Influence of the Current Romantic Movement,” Owen C. Thomas, Anglican Theological Review 88 (summer 2006): 397-415.

I've also written papers for each of the classes I have taken from my new seminary, Cranmer Theological House.

But as I understand blogging, everything I've mentioned should simply serve a background to my thoughts on life and the stories of life. I guess this means--don't check back each day, as you might for the blogs listed to the right, for my daily reflection upon the marketplace of religion. I'm not sure I'll ever get to that point.

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