21 August 2007

2007 IRB Rugby World Cup

Deary Me! The 2007 IRB Rugby World Cup is upon us!

Now I will face a dilemma. For the past year I have taken the vow of rugby poverty. That's right, I have not watched a match of Rugby in over a year. I have not subscribed to Setanta Sport in over a year (the ONLY U.S. outlet for Setanta is DirecTV & it's the best place in the USA to watch quality world rugby).
So to watch or not to watch. I can barely think straight! I have the biggest examination in my life approaching and mountains of studying to climb...and the Rugby Sirens are a callin'. Thanks be to God that the exam will arrive before the World Cup--by only one week.
So there. I have but one month to prepare for my canonical exam to the diaconate, and the reward awaiting is the best sport spectacle on planet earth. Talk about incentive to study hard!
Oh, there might be an ordination ceremony after a while too.
I'll try to keep you posted.

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