06 February 2009

Children at Church

I was startled by a sign I recently saw in the dentist's office. Here it is...

"You don't have to floss ALL your teeth...just the ones you want to keep!"

Brilliant. By way of analogy let me announce my philosophy of children in Church. All parents should keep this in mind when struggling to muffle the outcries of their little ones during worship.

"You don't have to teach ALL your children to worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness...just the ones you want to keep!"

After all, family is our first vocation. Our children are the litmus test of our parenting. We have a responsibility that is beyond our ability.
LORD have mercy!


Notdonne said...

Bravo Deacon Chris! Recently, I listened to a set of grandparents complain that our parish does not have a nursery for their grandchild. What I wanted to say but didn't is, "If your daughter would exercise herself in the art of parenting, your grandchild would be able to sit through worship without misbehaving."

CMWoodall said...

Our parish will never be more worship-ful than your living room.

again, Lord have mercy!