24 February 2009

Great Lent

"Great Lent" is the normal name given in Eastern Christianity for what we in the west simply call Lent. I personally like 'Great Lent' because Advent was a lesser penitential season while Lent is the Greater one.

For this season I plan to refrain from 3 vices, or 3 weaknesses, in order to pour better things in to my soul. First is Facebook. Yes I'm on Facebook, and yes it is very addictive. I have 300 friends on that site that I like to follow. Since joining back in the summer of '08 I have felt the zap from energy better spent elsewhere. So don't look for me on there for at least the Lenten season.

Second, I will put down another encumbrance that so easily besets me. This one is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I'm sorry, I've been watching this since it debuted on TV just after the first Contender. Again, it started with a bimonthly event on cable and another couple events every year on PPV. Now there are monthly PPVs and many different shows highlighting the sport every week. They can cripple the late hours of the evening watching back the recording that my DVR faithfully records. I'm signing off for Lent. Since I know that March Madness and other sports could quickly fill the void I'm going to fast from all televised sport until after the Great Lent.

They next one should not be admitted by a type-II diabetic, but hey, I'm confessin' me sins. I will also abstain from desserts.

Tomorrow I will post the 3 disciplines I plan to practice in place of the three vices. That, after all, is the point of fasting during Lent--to grow closer to the Lord through spiritual excercises and proficiency.

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